Fullon Hotel Tamsui Fishermen’s Wharf-Outdoor Swimming Pool

Fullon Tamsui Fishermen’s Wharf

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Outdoor Swimming Pool


Open hours is announced on site.

*Please follow the instructions or listen to the warnings of the lifeguard.
*Please take a shower and wash feet before entering the pool.
*Those who are not in their swimming suits, pants or cap may not enter the pool.
*No food is allowed in the pool.
*Those who suffer from skin disease or other infectious disease may not enter the pool.
Please do not run or play by the pool. Diving is not allowed.
*No floating materials or toys are allowed in the pool.
*Please do not enter the pool after finishing eating or drinking.
*Children under 10 may not enter the pool without being accompanied by parents or guardian.
*Special physical conditions (i.e.: heart disease or asthma…etc.) should be notified to the coach.
*For the safety of our guests, the hotel can decide to open the facility or not in accordance to the weather or other conditions.

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Facility Information

Hours :
07:00~22:00 ( 4 月至 10 月開放)