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lih spa


lih spa:
This is where you can get away from the busy city life and fully immerse yourself in the delightful scenery of Tamsui while enjoying the Golden Beauty Spring that benefits your beauty and health! Here you can enjoy the Fitness Center, Children's Playground, Sauna and Outdoor Swimming Pool.
The tenants from Fullon hotel all can access to the facilities for free (Except the SPA).
Outside guests price at bellow:Mon-Fri NT$500/PER. Sat-Sun and Public holiday NT$900/PER.  2 hours per person everytime.
Check with the counter if there is any change.
lih spa
lih spa service is developed from the wisdoms of Chinese five elements, meridian massage, and Indian 7 chakras energy boosting origin. 
The comforting and self-healing spa programs include stressreliefing, body care, slim care, facial care programs which restore your physical and mental balance.
You can enjoy the rare “Golden Beauty Spring” at lih spa without leaving far away from the city.
The spring can vitalize cells and promote blood circulation,relax the body and mind while enhancing the health. 
(The supply of hot spring may be affected by seasonal or natural reasons, and may be replaced by clean spring when is not available.)

The price will base on the hotel latest announcement as standard.

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Hours :
lih spa:11:00~23:00
lih spa
(Reservation in advance)。