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Entertainment Center


Star Karaoke

Located on the third floor, Star Karaoke provides four private karaoke rooms without disturbance from outsiders. The open area serves as a relaxation spot that allows your party to unwind in the fun of singing with friends. Drinks and alchols are provided.

Karaoke Private Room
Hours: 10:00~23:00
Minimum charge: NT$359 +10% per guest.
Large Private Room (Capacity: 24 guests) NT$1,000 per hour
Medium Private Room (Capacity: 20 guests) NT$800 per hour
Small Private Room (Capacity: 12 guests) NT$600 per hour

Star Bar
Hours: 19:00~00:00
Minimum charge: NT$160 +10% per guest.

Chess Room
Hours: 10:00~23:00
Rate: NT$150 per hour

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ext#8138 8139

Facility Information

Hours :
Karaoke Private Room:10:00~00:00
Chess Room:10:00~00:00
Star Bar:19:00~00:00