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Chef A-Ji dimsum restaurant


Under the leadership of the famous chef Zheng Yanji (Master A-Ji), the Execuitve Masterchef of Fullon Hotels and the leading chef in national banquets, the stationed chef Chen Xipan and the team present the most authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum in Chef A-Ji dimsum restaurant at Fullon Hotel Tamsui Fishermen's Wharf.

All the best Hon Kong cuisines of Master A-Ji are on the menu. Made with best seasonal ingrediants, these are definitely delicious and of excellent quality. Sometimes, you can even meet Master A-Ji in person at the restaurant. His greetings are heart-warming to all the guests.

The Chef A-Ji dimsum restaurant locates by the wharf and enjoys a scenic view of Guanyin Mountain and the Tamsui River. Besides, the menu here offers various Hong Kong cuisines of affordable prices, from colorful Dim Sum to stir-fried dishes, from good-to-health braised soups to some innovative but also traditional dishes, from cold dishes to desserts, all of which can be unforgettable once you savor their flavors. The traditional Dim Sum cart is another feature of the restaurant.

With a pot of hot tea aside, enjoying the Dim Sum here would be such a pleasure!


Weekdays: 11:30a.m.-14:00p.m./ 5:30p.m.-21:00p.m.

Holidays: 11:30a.m.-21:00p.m

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(Reservation is valid for 10 minutes after the reserved time)

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